the launch of the new DJBroadcast website
The new DJBroadcast website design was a venture into simplifying the complicated max of content into an enjoyable easy to use experience. We nailed that and created a series of ads to run inconjunction with the launch. The copy is simple and focuses on the habbits of the everyday web user.
DJBroadcast publishes high-quality content on leftfield electronic music and the lifestyles that orbit it, touching on art, contemporary culture and technology in the process. DJBroadcast is built around two centralised European teams; one in Amsterdam and the other in Berlin.
Our task was to modernise and simplify the vast amount of content delivered by these two teams. We began by stripping down menu items and drop downs to make all content a 1 click situation, following that we wanted to make it look open, fresh and inviting but... we also wanted the dedicated user to be able to shape the site to their needs. We devised a typographic family that is interchangeable and can be set by the user in thier personal settings along with a load of content and notification settings. We believe a website can be a personal experience you want to share and by crafting it to a user specific state we think we have achieved this. Making the web feel simple is a very complicated task.

We also created a series of ads to run in conjunction with the launch of the new design for the DJBroadcast website. The copy is simple and focuses on the habbits of you everyday web user.
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